【4K HDR】Tokyo Walk – Tokyo Station Underground shopping mall (Apr.2021) 【Japan】

Date recorded:Around 12:00pm in April 2021

00:00 Start
05:05 Tokyo Okashi Land
07:07 Tokyo Character Street
18:49 Tokyo Ramen Street
22:04 DAIMARU(Depachika)
27:30 GRAND ROOF(Food restauran)

First Avenue Tokyo Station, a city full of smiles and charm. Directly connected to the Yaesu exit of Tokyo Station. It is a city where you can find a wide variety of shops, from Tokyo souvenirs such as Japanese sweets, Western sweets, TV and anime-related “character goods” to food and drink, coffee shops, fashion, and miscellaneous goods.
※The sound is muted from 27:48 to 29:01 due to copyright.

Please refer to the following for the opening hours and directions of First Avenue Tokyo Station.

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