【Pattaya Trip Jul 2020】Mike Shopping Mall (Front) – Mitsubishi NEXIEZ-MRL Lifts「TRG Lifts」

Day: 2
Video: 7

This lift actually used to be a very crappy generic lift with Hitachi B89 buttons but now it’s been replaced like the other ones in this mall to a wonderful Mitsubishi! And by the way, yes, it still retains the odd cab shape as before. What I like about this lift is the nice LCD indicator! It’s a weird choice that they only put the LCD external indicator on the basement floor though. This lift doesn’t serve floors 2 and 3 because this is like an express lift to the gym on the 4th floor.

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Location: Mike Shopping Mall
Sublocation: Front Lift
City: Pattaya
Country: Thailand

Manufacturer: MItsubishi
Type: MRL Traction
Fixtures/Buttons: 3rd Generation
Button Type: Tactile
Speed: 1 m/s
Capacity: 15 Persons 1000 kg
Floors Served: B, 1-4
Stops: 5
Fear Rating: 2/10
History: Replaced from generic
Rarity: Common

Camera: iPhone XS
Recording Date: 13 July 2020

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7 thoughts on “【Pattaya Trip Jul 2020】Mike Shopping Mall (Front) – Mitsubishi NEXIEZ-MRL Lifts「TRG Lifts」

  1. OMG, awesome piece of architecture! Complete with beeping buttons too!
    Don’t know why level 5 is a blank button, though…

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