101 Facts About Washington DC

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This month has been a wild time for the USA, with the Capitol drama, the inauguration, a potential impeachment, it’s all been happening! So what better to learn about than the place where it all happens? That’s right, today we’re off to the capital of the United States of America to learn all about the presidents, the landmarks, and the founding of the capital, in 101 Facts About Washington DC!

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45 thoughts on “101 Facts About Washington DC

  1. There is only one thing you need to know about DC. Everyone in that place is scum. Everyone. From the most insignificant bum to the top shit politician. Not a single person there is worth the air the consume.

  2. Please investigate the correct pronunciation of people and places before you embarrass yourself as you did with this Washington D.C. post. Among other words, example: Potomac – puh-TOW-muhk

  3. Awesome video as always. Big fan. But please do a video on Morocco. We will get to see Sam in another funny hat. What could be better?

  4. #87 (about the 7th inning stretch) got to me. The stadiums depicted at 23:42 aren't in Washington, DC. It's the Truman Sports Complex in Kansas City, home of the baseball KC Royals and American football KC Chiefs. The fact also reminded me of a line from The West Wing: "When the President stands, nobody sits."

  5. Way too many White House facts, that should've been a separate video. There is so much more to DC than the White House, its memorials & the government. No mention of GoGo music, Mumbo sauce, its importance in Punk Rock music, etc. A little disappointed.

  6. 11:23 Rutherford B Hayes was not president in 1929. He left office in 1881 and had been dead for over 35 years at by 1929. Genuinely curious how that mix-up happened in your script.

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