22 thoughts on “11 iOS 14 Settings You Need To Turn Off Now

  1. Does optimized battery charging work properly after turning off the significant locations and system customization?. Because on Apple's website it says they are required. Please help because I just got a new iPhone this week.

  2. Thank you for the tips. But you went just a little fast for me, so I had to watch several times and pause so I could get all you were telling us.

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  4. I have a se 2nd gen and have the 14.5 beta and in location services you guys have double the setting options after the apps part u put never or while using and when u go to system services nothing after status bar icon option wonder why i always had a droid but is it cause thats a iphone 12 maybe that or idk maybe cuz i have the beta

  5. Great video lucky I found you your videos are good clear to the point the rest talk to much don’t know nothing lmfao 🤣 very informative

  6. Anyone have a fix for the front facing camera. Stopped working after 14.4 update. no more selfies. 🙁 Also phone stopped working where the i can't hear and the other end can hear me as well. The speaker phone works and using ear bugs works. The speakers works when i play a video.

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