2021-Feb-12 🧨🧧香港•深水埗•農曆新年•年初一 | Hong Kong•Sham Shui Po•Chinese Lunar New Year | 新春行大運 Good Luck Walk

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My name is Dennis. In 2009, I opened this channel to record or document this city. I know something is being changed in next decade(s), or I felt the change have began since 2003, no later in 2046. I want to, at least, save some kind of city life in video form instead of taken photo or written in words. I strongly believe that motion picture and sound recording are much better way to preserve and present in the future when young generation want to get know of Hong Kong.

In May of 2018, I wrote the following statement in below:
“Hi everyone, thank you for supporting me in fulfilling my ” childhood dream” of making videos.
My parents had always taken a tolerant attitude toward my “capricious”: whether my work is feasible and sustainable… and they never complained about it.
As my father just passed away in May, I am left with no choice but to give up my video making venture.
In Hong Kong where the cost of living is sky high, youtube video making is simply not sustainable by google adsense alone. The revenue produced is way too insufficient for affording a domestic helper, and I must look after my mom all by myself – this is why I must stay very close to her at all times.
Unless my revenue is closed to market rate, or my income can cover a domestic helper, otherwise I can hardly justify any video-related works.
Therefore, from now on everything video will be postponed in terms of year(s).
Thank you, and hope to see you all again in the future.”
Because I am the only son of my mother in Hong Kong, and I have to take care of her at home. I almost give up this channel because of high consumption of time and living cost. But I found some extra time.

I live in Fanling, north part of New Territories, so it will include my showtime of traveling back and forth. Because of home care to my old mother, there will be no time other than 9:00 to 16:00 because my mother is staying at the senior daycare center, so before and after that, I will NOT able to do filming.

I understand most of you are looking for high quality of video, e.g. 4K or 8K. But hardware is so important at this post-production, that is, the higher quality video, the higher powerful computer to render video. In recently, I solved matter by paid for PowerDirector apps to make 4K on my Pocophone F1, 1 hour of 4K video = 2 hour to make, besides, the convert 4K file time is around 24 hours……

I will continue to run this channel as long as the time is fit-on-me or I don’t see any kind of video job could fit me.

I hope this is clear to everyone.

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  1. 要成為「會員」才優先留言。除此之外, 廣告,水印,其它效果等都會被取消,如有的話。將收錄在「會員優先」新片欄內,包括“未出街”片段! As a Member, you are allowed to comment this video in first priority. Also, all ads, watermark and effect will be removed, if there are, posted on separate video (Member Only), also with non-released footage !
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  2. That area always has a lot of people. It's always interesting to walking area SSP because there are so many little shops, and you never know what you are going to find.

  3. 這個video 好長很好我是在深水埗大的很久很久沒有囘去了。1969 年離開去了美國 最後一次囘去是1986年我還叫駕的士在這裏轉了差不多一個小時, 我在荔枝角道出世 60 年初我是亍童天天在亍上玩。真好像這裏的flea market 而且大得多。人車不爭路相安無事真的很好, 我現已退休住在多倫多我想今生也不可能囘去看了。因有long term disease 在Ontario 有Ohip 所以不敢離開。祝大家身年快樂 最要緊身體健康

  4. 我老香港人到今天都不明白有些人家中有大量東西還要買二手東西?因為這原因拾破爛老人可以做生意賺錢及尊嚴?Me old Hong Konger at present still don't know why someone's home have plenty of goods keep buying second hand goods?Owing to this reason pickup cupboard or trashed elderly can do business to earn money and dignity ?

  5. wow….that is ALOT of people….No social distancing at all happening here….🤦‍♂️…..Be safe…wear 2 masks when you go to these places…

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