47 thoughts on “4 minutes straight of Ko Moon Young(Seo YeJi)Cursing & Raising her voice in It's Okay to Not Be Okay

  1. I love the fact that when he first gives her Mang Tae she says "What is this piece of crap". And then later on she is screaming and fighting over it and upset because he asks for it back.

  2. Poor Seo Ye Ji (Ko Moon Young) she got slapped 2 times and get throw with pillow one time… wish I can protect her from that..

  3. Ko Moon Young and Chun Song Yi. Man I can’t imagine if these two is in a drama together, what will happen to KSH lmao 😂

  4. This is more like Hotel de luna a hot headed lead character🤣 anf the bideo Iu yelling for 3 minutes straight

  5. can't help myself being in awe of SeoYeJi's acting >>immeasurable….. drama's well scripted, well written… don't know anything about the world of autism, but the actor's portrayal was topnotch (seen him in "when camilla blooming >> not sure of the title). as the story comes to an end, they gave a soft, kind spin on how he'll face the world on his own… giving the main characters the chance to live their own life as well… well presented all around !!!! congratulations !!!!!!

  6. she's really good…i can't stop laughing when she suddenly imitated the deer's sound…and she's angry in that scene…

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