[4K] DECEMBER 24, 2020 Christmas 🌲Evening SEOUL TIME SQUARE tree shooting Crowd, Seoul Night Walk

Hello My friends,
I am ‘Seoul 4K Walker’ who shares healing videos of Times Square Christmas street in Yeongdeungpo to you.

A large shopping mall located in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Time Square is a place where every year it’s a lot of fancy Christmas decorations.
It will be installed. Mild, blue, warm lights.
A Christmas tree surrounded by Santa’s houses.
It’s more harmonious.
The famous Yeongdeungpo food alley is free even though it is Christmas Eve.
It’s a depressing time because of a global epidemic,
Always shining in people’s hearts, giving them hope.
I hope it’s Christmas.
Shall we walk through the video?

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Have a nice day. (^_^)v


▶Wikipedia :

Times Square is a shopping mall in Seoul, South Korea. It is one of Seoul’s largest shopping malls, featuring the CGV Starium, the world’s largest permanent 35 mm cinema screen.
Times Square mall contains a department store, a multiplex theater, a shopping mall and many restaurants. It also has an urban entertainment culture space (UELC, Urban Entertailing Lifestyle Center). Its architectural features include plazas, terraces, water fountains and numerous gardens.[citation needed]

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