44 thoughts on “[4K] Greenhills Shopping Center Mall Walk | Philippines December 2020

  1. So fascinating and beautiful shopping center!!! May the New Year bring you health, happiness and all other good things!!!😍💗😃

  2. Happy holidays. Beautiful location and nice walking. I missed the malls for a long time. Occasionally I just went in for washroom use then quickly OUT.

  3. Are you going to do a Divisoria walk? Can you also do a tour of the well-known place where you can buy fresh flowers? I think it is Dangwa?

  4. This mall is close to the place where i grew up it wasnt that crowded back then theres no tiring watching your vids thanks

  5. I remembered I was here long time ago, my cousins brought me here. This place changed a lot. Everyone is busy buying gifts for the holidays. Thanks for sharing this to us, I enjoy the tour. Greetings from Singapore.

  6. Hanging around to experience this from minute one to end. Maybe you can find time to travel with me too! Appreciate it!

  7. Brillain video thanks for going to Greenhills its nice to see it busy and working again. Great video keep up the good work.🙂

  8. My Ex use to work there. First meet, I found her by surprise🕹. Stay at the Elon Place close by and spend about 5 days there going to Musica Bar and movies. Good old days. Ty for memories.
    Wait there was some sort of issue there back in April??

  9. Very big shopping mall beautiful looking city cool 😎 night walk keep it up and keep sharing ❤️👍👏🥳 happy new year 🥳

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