[4K] Times Square Shopping Mall, Causeway Bay — Hong Kong Walk

Feb. 2021
Times Square opened in 1994, after The Wharf developers took over what used to be the tram depot. The Causeway Bay area at the time was mostly residential and not seen as a particularly desirable part of town — now however it’s prime retail real estate!
Times Square was the first of what would become standard in Hong Kong: A vertical shopping mall, fitting about 200 stores in to eight or nine stories.. It also has about 100,000 square meters of office space in the towers above.
The walk around the mall today shows a lot of vacant spots, as landlords hold fast despite falling tourism thanks to Covid. But once the border reopens and shoppers return to HK, I’m sure it’ll be back to full strength!

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3 thoughts on “[4K] Times Square Shopping Mall, Causeway Bay — Hong Kong Walk

  1. thanks for the videos. Brings back memories as a friend used to live in CWB until 2015 and then Taikoo from 2015 to 2019. I really enjoyed the event sales at Times Square but thought the event sales at Sogo were even better. Too bad the central library doesn't allow photography.

  2. These malls annoy me. They're so big you could run a half-marathon in there without retracing your steps and yet there's only about three places to sit!!

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