5 MINUTE GUIDE: How to retouch photos in Photoshop CC

Learn the five essential steps to retouching any portrait in Photoshop in this fast-paced tutorial!
We’ll cover a very fast outline of the process I like to use when retouching portrait photos in Photoshop. From Camera RAW, color temperature, and toning, all the way to frequency separation, getting rid of flyaway hairs, sharpening, and color treatments.


00:28 Step 1: Camera RAW + Color & Tone
01:30 Step 2: Pixel Pushing – Liquify, Manipulations, Background
01:51 Step 3: Retouch Features (Skin, Eyes, Brows, Hair, etc…)
04:44 Step 4: Dodging & Burning (Tastefully)
05:28 Step 5: Toning & Colors, Sharpening, Grain









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