32 thoughts on “5 – Using Jitsi Meet External API for Integration – Urdu/Hindi

  1. Hello Sir. Thank you very much for such a beautiful tutorial. I wish to ask a question. I am having issue in "startwithaudiomuted" and "startwithvideomuted" for jitsi installed in my GCP cloud. When a person joins, they are not muted as well as thier video is on as soon as they join. Please let me know if there is any solution for this.

  2. hie man , have been looking for a tutorial or course on intergrating jitsi on your websiteusing php if you can make one using english . thank you

  3. Can I fire auto click event on the lunch on web button .please reply or how can I disable welcome page.in your attachment files in js file it is written disable welcome page but in mobile browser the welcome page is coming.

  4. I have implemented bin my server,but the welcome page is coming while viewing through mobile chrome browser whee I need to click lunch on web button.Is there any trick to auto click the lunch on web button

  5. Thanks Bro you are like amazing. I am using jitsi meet sdk for cross platform in android studio by flutter. But plz tell me that when I search jitsi meet sdk for flutter it's different so I just wanted to know that instance of using jitsi meet flutter SDK I can use original jitsi meet SDK

  6. Hi, thank you for very nice explanation! I would like to know if it is possible to use macbook (catalina) to use as a server to host Jitsi?

  7. How can we integrate File Transfer funcionality in Jitsi meet api? It would be really helpful if you throw some light on it, If its not inbuilt can i use another IFrame Js within Div to transfer file and also save files locally or in DB? Thank you very much.

  8. Hi
    How i setup my Jitsi so any 3rd party video conference phones can join the conference with video call there is so much talking about jibri pjsua but yet no clear answers

  9. Very nicely explained. I was using mediasoup api with nodejs for video conferencing application. But after watching this video. I have decided to use jisti for next up coming application. Nice work sir!!!

  10. Good job, awesome explanation man.

    Do you know how to do all of this using API calls from the backend? I will give you one example, let's say I am a school and want to create these automatically based on class schedule, the teacher gets the host link and students get the simple joiner link with low privileges. I don't want the teacher to create her own meeting and then send it to students.

  11. can you make jitsi android app development series using Java programming or any tutorial link if you have any.
    video tutorial will be much appreciated. Thank you

  12. W alaikum Assalam Sir, Thanks for this huge support by making this series…
    Actually Want to know "How can I copy the invitation link? ..I mean not from that copy button and all" is there any function, method, or something through that I can copy and embed in my code so anybody just by clicking on that he will join the meeting…
    Reply please!

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