50% OFF BOOTH Saved the Day! Shop with me for Resale

In this penultimate video of my trip to meet up with Misty, we stumbled into this nice antique mall where I found lots of fun things; including a 50% off booth!

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34 thoughts on “50% OFF BOOTH Saved the Day! Shop with me for Resale

  1. Im scared to type this cuz people get so angry on freedom of speech. But Misty seemed "off", kinda upset or something. Not herself from a viewer point of view, watch the video and see from what we see…

  2. Everyone loves the blue bowls including me, I was watching you consider them encouraging you through the screen, get them, get them! Of course I wasn’t yelling I am more of a loud whisperer 🙂 I really liked the little tea towel and the purple doily, very pretty! You and Misty tickle me with your brother and sister vibes, and congratulations on your mile stone subscriber count Jeffrey! That is so awesome! I hope you treat yourself to a nice dinner or something to celebrate. : )

  3. FYI: Those potholders looked like they were made of acrylic yarn. If they used the wrong type of yarn to make those someone could get burnt, if the yarn melts I would check them b/4 selling them.

  4. The Blue Ridge pottery bowl is a nice find. I see a lot of it here in the South. As always, I enjoyed following along!

  5. It's The Jeffery & Misty Show again …. lol! Great Misty's Dad decided to join you both!
    Patty🤩💕 Alberta Canada 🇨🇦

  6. AMAZING item's you did great kiddo!!!!! You never disappoint, always find great item's. Kudos to you💗
    Thanks for sharing as always.

  7. Remember you are buying to sell , personally I love items like the blue milk glass instead of all the smalls. The flame comment made me smile . Thanks for another great video !

  8. You are so happy and funny Jeffrey, but misty I felt like she wasn't in the greater of moods today, poor thing she sounded a little tired, I think you are good for her.

  9. Check to see if the blue milk glass bowls are Challinor Taylor from the late 1800's. I've had some if it before and the glass and pattern are very similar.

  10. Thanks, I enjoyed this video though not quite as much as the one when Misty kept missing the little glass birds, I was laughing so hard my husband kept giving me funny looks when I watched that one., I always learn something. My Mother used to have some of those shimmery cottage pictures, now I am wondering if she brought them with her from England (sadly she is gone so I can't ask her) – and if my sister has them. Thanks again I always learn something from you.

  11. I love the Tiffany blue bowls and the 2 Cardinals I saw. They say when you see a Cardinal it's a sign from someone who's passed, I like this thought, it's comforting, I think. I saw my first one last fall. Great video Jeffrey! 👍

  12. Enjoy watching all of your videos. However, as of late it’s been difficult to watch with the rapid camera movement. Is it possible to slow down so we can enjoy the ride? Thanks!

  13. What TOWN was the first shop you went into aYt
    I know you was in Indiana
    You got some good things I loved your last piece you bought the BLUE RIDGE POTTERY bowl

  14. Love the two blue lattice milk glass dishes you picked up. I can imagine so many ways to use it. Each would be fabulous filled with colored grass of choice, a bunny or chick plush and surrounded with Easter goodies. Drop it into a Dollar Store cellophane bag used for gift baskets, attach a cool Dollar Tree bow and that would make one amazing gift basket that keeps on giving. Could do the same but filled with different items for Mother's Day, a Baby or Wedding Shower, or someone keeping it for themselves and creating a fairy garden with it. So versatile I love it! 😊

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