25 thoughts on “A 3D model of a person coughing in an indoor environment – how an aerosol cloud travels in the air

  1. So… I can get that it would spread in the same isle as the person who coughed but how the f does it travel directly onto the person standing in the left isle… and how come it doesn't travel to the isle on the right as well? Is this some kinda joke? 😂

  2. Dude is coughing from that loud on aisle 6. Dude just coughed with the same force as a semi tire blowout. Coughed so hard Susan picking out cucumbers in the produce section caught the 'rona. That little cloth mask won't help you when the guy in the next aisle is the world champion cougher 3 times running

  3. 😁 Loving the vid!! I think you should use SMZeus”dot”com!! ! I’ve been using it on my other channel to promote my videos.

  4. It's revealing. It is a pity that it runs (as shown) for 6 minutes only. The MIT Technology Review summarised research results in an article on March 11, 2020 claiming that SARS-COV-2 in aerosol drops remains infectious for 3 hours in the air (and for 4 hours on copper, 1 day on cardboard, 3 days on steel and plastic surfaces).

  5. Covid-19 is spread through droplets. Droplets are not Airborne, which is also a myth around the virus. This model does not represent how the virus travels indoors or outdoors, since this is purely the air, not the droplets being displayed.

  6. This is just an animation. It is not real
    What about temperature; humidity; ventilation?
    There are studies that found that area of dissemination is much smaller 0.2 m2. You cannot fill such a volume by coughing or sneezing.

  7. This is real ! It is the same as if right at this place someone lights a cigar the smoke quicky reaches far (ok , from 2 sources) . We know it ! No big study necessary …

  8. We call BS on this!!! Flatulence has a better chance of carrying over AND lingering like this!! You are just trying to cause more panic! Shame on you!!

  9. Thank you very much for the video! I will show it to my brainwashed by it's government european husband, he does not want to wear mask inspite we got them from my Chinese government company for which I work, they sent it by UPS and it took 17 days to get them to EU. I offered help from Chinese government company to one country health-care system very early with supply of all protection, but no one reacted inspite it is chaos in the country with purchase of protection. A lot of people involved into medical system supply now are just trying to earn as much as possible money on that, they do not care that simple people do not have protection and even doctors and nurses do not have it enough to be changed in accordance with rules. Normal mask works 1-2 hrs, FFP2 you can use 4. Doctors do not have enough masks…that's what they say in central hospital giving interview. Later on I was asked to give quotations to two enterprises, who have network and can sell it to healthcare system in Sweden…Country did not accept direct proposal from us, but signed contract with someone who can get delivery from us. Intermediate company would add on price a lot. It is so corrupted now everywhere. I feel shame to be part of it.

  10. It is a very strong propaganda in whole Europe done by media and supported by all governments that wearing masks is usless, they fo not help and people belive into this. No one is thinking that it is important to have it not to spread, but they all tell only about not getting infected from others and recommend just keep "blue" distance which is 1,5-2 m. Propaganda is made like that because there is no masks on stock starting from the beggining of February. No one is ready to admit it in Europe. China did not deliver cause of stopped production, than no one did anything to exchange China in production and when it was back on truck there is a huge demand and normal delivery by sea is 55 days! It is too long, but by airfreight is too expensive, no aircrafts flying for free now. Normal cost now for civil aircraft is 600-800 000 euro. Government sends it only to rescue medical staff needs. And than those countries are telling that China is shit propaganda country and Russia… Aha…It exists everywhere in the world when it meets ruling class requirements.

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