29 thoughts on “A not so simple mall : Dyson Sphere program Ep3

  1. I think… really, a mall should be one central location where you can just store up a bunch of items in one place with logistic stations.
    Although… I have to wonder if there are any labels that you can mark storage bins with to organize said items as a mall.

  2. For Casimir, if you run hydrogen on the outside you can run parallel belts and then after every 7 (or whatever eats 1 belt of hydrogen) merge the belts 1 level. That way you can still do a long line. I've used this strategy to get 30/s output belts from almost everything in the game.

  3. You should consider adding a storage box between your assembler and the logistics tower and set the ships to 10% and quantity in the tower to 100. That way you can ship 100 of an item instead of 1000 while maintaining the option of shipping more if needed.

  4. That copy paste mod makes life easier on the viewers, too. It's a lot easier to see the design of something as it's built from a blueprint, instead of cutting straight to the finished product.

  5. Hey! Idea if you have to go back again, drop a logistics tower for logistics towers and give it a handful of warpers. That way your covered as you make the transition, would work for other different items as well 🙂

  6. Casimir crystals are named after the Casimir effect, which is named after the physicist who figured it out. It’s a quantum effect where two plates veeeery close to each other, but not touching, will feel a kind of “pressure” pushing them together. It happens when the plates are so close together that the virtual particle pairs that pop in and out of existence all the time can’t fit between the plates. It shows that “zero point energy” is a thing.

  7. Hey john, a friendly heads up. Set up your logistical towers item calls as either both demand or both supply. Once you start expanding out to multiple systems it gets super tedious to go back through and fixing them (speaking from xp). Rare edge cases are you want local supply and interstellar demand (like with your hydrogen)

  8. IMO sushi belts are the way to go for an end-game mall. They're dead easy to load from towers, and almost completely eliminate spaghetti.

  9. francis if you build the "artifical sun" gen you can make huge amounts of power. they are rediculess in the output and take the same space as the thermal engines.

  10. Now when you request for resources from your bus to any other planet, you'd be getting 1000 items for each, which might be a little more than optimal. You wouldn't need 1000 wireless towers right? Nilaus has a very good video for this.

  11. "Just warpers"

    Is there anything in the game more troublesome to mass produce compared to warpers/green science?

    The only thing really worse is white science, and the most troublesome part there is… the green science.

  12. The oil power design was actually quite clever and easy.
    I have enough oil to power a whole solar system.

    But I have just used shit loads of wind turbines.
    because I'm too lazy to bring any solar sails and cannons.

    But I never thought of the oil and burners.
    Thanks, bro! 🙂

  13. I've recently started my own forge world and while it's not on this scale, they are so satisfying.
    Just watching all the ships flying around supplying towers is fun.

  14. One recommendation I've heard from someone (Let's Game It Out) is to pause updates/ go offline so you aren't served updates while you're working on an episode. That way you don't run the risk of things changing while working on a particular episode.

  15. Imo particle colliders are better cause H2 is such a big issue once you run a big fire ice processing factory – it's so hard to store and get rid of I had to use a mod for 60slot storages to just chuck it in and delete it manually once in a while. And make sure you export your designs to notepad or smth to save them. The mod will always hold the latest copied blueprint in memory, but that always changes even if all you do is shift-copy.

  16. My biggest issue is lack of chain deconstruct in multibuild, but blueprints far outweigh that gripe. Glad to have helped a bit 👍

  17. Why are you using green science to build warpers?? You just need gravitational lenses to build them!!! The other recipe is a waste, so you can use the surplus of green science after finishing!!!!

  18. Francis, unless I missed an update in a recent patch, fractionators with blue belts produce deuterium for way less power (~5 times). They are better in every way except for space constraints, but only by a little bit: ~1.66x more space. In the same area, you can fit 2 fractionators for 0.6 deuterium/s instead of the particle colliders 1 deuterium/s at double the hydrogen cost.
    Because of that, they are very few cases where using particle colliders is better than using fractionators.

  19. Unless they changed it, fractionators use (pun intended) a fraction of the power the colliders do, and you can do some fun stuff with belts to get a decent amount out of them.

  20. That manual research at the top is like a clock to find how long was the cut and the "that took a long time". That's fun

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