A Saturday Morning Walkabout in Bangkok | Ratchada, Phetchaburi and Sukhumvit

Today, I take a walk around the areas which I frequent regularly in Bangkok. I start off at The Street shopping mall. From there I head to Phetchaburi and take a look at the new Singha Complex as well as show you the other new condo builds. I then walk from Phetchaburi to Sukhumvit Rd and show you some of my favourite restaurants. I then take a well deserved coffee break in Benjasiri Park and talk about the upcoming Conor MacGregor fight tomorrow.

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41 thoughts on “A Saturday Morning Walkabout in Bangkok | Ratchada, Phetchaburi and Sukhumvit

  1. Great assortment of sights in your area. That mall definitely needs more foot traffic. Always something new and different to see when you get out and about! Fun video.

  2. Wow it is a very quiet shopping mall to put a football and basket ball court in the car park. Still at least you can relax and avoid the crowds. Crossing the the road you have to keep your eyes open red lights don’t mean cars or bikes will stop 😱😱. Lots to see in that area. Great vlog your right about the coffee ☕️ try a smaller chain than the larger ones . Take care Pete

  3. I remember meeting a chinese girl in bkk, she said she was so amazed that she could see a blue sky in a city (ie low pollution)

  4. Driving between Cities in Thailand most Petrol stations will have an Amazon Coffee shop .Great as a perk me up to keep alert on the Highway.On McGregor ,useless fact i live within 100 meters of his pub ,the black Forge.They totally renovated it during this long lock down here.Most Bars closed since March last year .Now the Politicians are talking of keeping restrictions till Summer.They will keep squeezing us till people wake up and revolt.

  5. I lived in Bangkok for 7 months from Oct 2000 – May 2001,i stayed opposite the old airport Don Muang off of Phahonyotin Rd, i only saw 1 other farang down there in 7 months and i remember paying 1500 baht a month for a studio apartment which was more like a hotel as it had a pool,laundry,cafe and snooker room,i would be lucky to get a hotel for 1 night for 1500 baht down Sukhumvit now.Great city to live in,have fun.Cheers

  6. Great video of life on a Saturday in BKK. The field at the University would be Chris’s stomping grounds. You know you left out Rory McIlroy as an Irish sports hero & he is a far better person then McGreggor. Keep the videos coming buddy & hope Noon is well. 👍

  7. nice video! It always surprises me to see how long some places in Thailand that seem to be empty for most of the time still remain to be opened year after year

  8. The success or failure of a shopping mall is indeed footfall. No customers, no money. Individual businesses within the mall will have to leave as expenses remain the same. Those that remain see footfall reduce even further. It's a spiral downwards that sees the eventual closure of the mall.

  9. All Thai malls are like that. Something is going on. You can’t run a mall like that and survive. Most malls in Thailand are like that. Maybe it’s a big front for laundering money. Who knows. Farangs will never know

  10. Pete, Great informative video you do awesome work. I appreciate all the effort you put into your presentation. I remember the first time l was in Thailand l found out that crosswalks are not the same drivers don't stop for you 55. Ron

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