A walking tour of Hudson Yards and Vessel in New York City [4K]

Hello, this is New York Walker.

Today we are walking around Hudson Yards and the Vessel. We go into the shopping mall and window shopping together and come out to take a walk around the vessel and surroundings of Hudson Yards.

Hope you enjoy this walk as much as we did.

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A walking tour of Hudson Yards and Vessel in New York City [4K]
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28 thoughts on “A walking tour of Hudson Yards and Vessel in New York City [4K]

  1. Wow! Cool! Thanks so much for this! I had a great time watching it! So nice to always spend time on your channel. : )

  2. The buildings are so nice and grand. The lighting was nice and it was an interesting walking tour. Thank you.

  3. one of my favorite places to watch in NYC. the structures there always fascinates me! thanks for this lovely tour my friend!!

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