Abandoned Hawthorne Mall, CA 2017

I have been to this famous abandoned mall a few times now. Each time finding a new way in as the old one gets blocked due to security. This time I was fortunate enough to bring my drone and get some pretty gorgeous shots flying through the middle and bottom stories.

For one of the last adventures I was able to go on with the boys before leaving for Africa, we wanted to leave our mark. After a quick stop at Lowes we bought two cans of spray paint and decided to give some Street Art our best shot. We figured there was nothing better to make than our APU Shakers Logo!

If you are interested in going to the mall and seeing how to get in message me privately or comment/show your support for me to post a video about how to get into the mall itself!

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13 thoughts on “Abandoned Hawthorne Mall, CA 2017

  1. I first went to the Hawthorne Mall in 1983 and bought my first pair of Nike sneakers after I moved to LA in late 1982. It was a great mall! I really loved shopping there and going to see movies…and of course seeing all hot girls walking around!!!

  2. I worked as a Mall security officer there back in the early 80s. Lots of memories! Where the center escalator is , me and two other security officers got into a big figh with three Crips! It was a full-blown donnybrook! That was around 1984. Most of the security officers, like myself, later became cops and now are retired. Watching this video is both fascinating and sad. This was once a great mall.

  3. Oh my God when I was in high school between 1980 and 1984 are used to shop the mall there it’s so weird to see the band in the wooden well put together video I don’t live in the area any longer I’m on the East Coast did they tear down the building?

  4. That mall was an awesome place in its day. Used to hang out there a lot as a teen. I eventually worked for Mirken VW dealership across the street (which is now Hometown Buffet). Anyway, twice a year there were car displays inside the mall and I got to drive cars INSIDE the mall to park cars for the people to look at. We had to do it before the mall opened and were done around 6-7am. It was pretty cool to actually drive inside.

    This mall was vandalized during the L.A. riots of 1992, and the place just never recovered. That, and most of the major stores left or went BK – Bullocks, Broadway, and JC Penney.

  5. Hey man my brother and I are planning on exploring this place tonight. Do you know on how to get in without getting cought by security? Please let me know

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