Abandoned – Rolling Acres Mall

Abandoned malls are always cool… right?
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50 thoughts on “Abandoned – Rolling Acres Mall

  1. For the guy who got electrocuted stealing wire…all I can say is "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes". I stumbled upon your channel and I find it really cool. Shout out from a fellow Canadian!

  2. Feels like what moonbeam is doing to century 3 Mall when is the fall apart and these is the last anchor left and now they're leaving

  3. DillArd's, with an A pronounced like the A in stAr
    WAdsworth, with an A pronounced like the A in whAt
    Damn you Canuks, what language do you speak anyway?
    Chapel Hill Mall in Akron, just a few miles away, is next.
    Stay tuned.

  4. My grandpa had a men’s retail store here back in the day called Abbey’s… sad. 😕 My dad still has coat hangers from the store.

  5. The end of the mall is the end of the middle class. Now USA has 37% middle class, 53% poor and 10% rich. Back in 70’s 75% was middle class, 10% rich and 15% poor.

  6. I live about 25 minutes from here and as of this past year and today the mall has been torn down and is now a massive Amazon processing facility.

  7. I always think that abandoned malls should be turned into apartment complexes with food courts and indoor playgrounds

  8. this mall is where my grandma lived and we'd go there every summer in the early 2000s. i remember hating it bc it was so empty and i thought it was weird how the seats weren't on an incline in the movie theater

  9. Only in capitalist US the destruction of property and money on such a grand scale is possible, everywhere else in the world no one could afford to just have it standing empty and abandoned.

  10. but i mean, in times of decline they should’ve just renovated and rethink what people would want at that time and advertise it as grand reopening that could’ve helped out greatly.

  11. Rolling Acres: (shuts lights off)
    Kids wearing Halloween costumes: (screaming in horror; too traumatized to go to a physical store anymore)

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