22 thoughts on “Add Authentication to Any Web Page in 10 Minutes

  1. There's an option in the (top left) okta developer dashboard to change to "Classic View" which makes this tutorial valid. The new dashboard, is well, not better than the classic IMO.

  2. Tried to create an Okta account to follow along with this vid. The account creation and login was buggy and broken. Would never trust this service to handle login/auth for a production app if they can't even handle account login and authorization for their own site.

  3. I used this with the code that you linked to. It doesn't work. I get "There was an unexpected internal error. Please try again."
    Also, the Okta user interface has changed, so your instructions are often off-base.
    I'd love to see an update to the code at least. As an autodidact, I HATE examples that fail. They waste my time.

  4. Short, sweet and simple. You may want to update the content a bit, your website has changed since you put the video up.

  5. Man I'm sure this is gonna be a good video based on the comments but that intro sequence is RIDICULOUSLY loud compared to the content lol, and high piched to boot.. painful for people wearing headphones.

  6. I created an Okta account, signed into it with the temporary password I received in the verification e-mail, provided a new password but can't log in with either the new password I provided or the temporary password. I tried to create the account again with the same credentials (e-mail address) and strangely enough it allowed me create the account for the second time. Unfortunately nothing worked the second time either and I'm unable to log in. I also tried to reset my password but I never get the reset password e-mail.

  7. Hey this is really great, thanks! But for this example, you're inputting the main content via JS upon successful authorization. Along this method, I'm just adding classes that display block on the main content that i have. it doesnt seem very safe; how do i hide content until successful authorization? hope that made sense

  8. For my multi-page app, would I just place the widget on all pages? Would Okta detect whether or not a user has signed in or not?

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