ADULTING VLOG | 🍲 easy vegan meals, apartment decorating, cutting my hair ✂️

Another gentle productive week in my life. I try to make my videos seem like a warm hug to you. #gentleproductivity #vlog

Some easy vegan food combinations
breakfast : bagel, avocado spread, everything bagel seasoning, vegan deli
soup : split pea soup, soft silken tofu, toasted bread
snacks : rice cracker (sweet), peanut butter, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds
dinner : pancakes with stir fried veggies

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face these days
nars tinted moisturizer
klairs unscented supple toner (fragrance free)
cosrx hydrium ampoule
itcosmetics byebye pores blush

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41 thoughts on “ADULTING VLOG | 🍲 easy vegan meals, apartment decorating, cutting my hair ✂️

  1. Hope you guys are enjoying these longer vlogs. They take such a long time to film + edit but it definitely is a labor of love for you guys. Share something you're thankful for this week <3 I'm thankful for the abundant food and love I have in my life. Thankful for you guys always too, for always supporting and uplifting me. I also added subtitles for those that need it! Click on the CC tab to see which languages u can pick! Also, would greatly appreciate if you hit the thumbs up hehe mwahhhh

  2. i''ve been loving the vlogs you put up lately! so relaxing and in this one, i really enjoyed your thoughts on seaspiracy! sending you much love 💜

  3. I swear Ivan your smile makes me feel better and I mean it. I feel so good when you smile❤️❤️
    Loads of love to you❤️

  4. I also do the same thing with my dog.. let him smell my food that make sure he doesn't like it.. otherwise he keeping asking me for the food 😛

  5. ok but… hear me out… I just had my mind blown with the white savior explanation just. blew my mind. I am going to share it with my bf and see how it goes.

  6. thank you for these videos. These videos are like therapy to me… seeing you living happily make me happy too, lol
    P.S. your friend, (I think his name is Ryan), is so pretty and he is such a nice friend
    P.S.S 23:37 I literally die watching that part, lol
    P.S.S.S this is weird but seeing you eating and enjoying food makes me feel so happy. You just make life so much better…

  7. I am thankful for the technology and people who make it that allows me to sit here in Ohio And keep tabs on how one my favorite YouTubers is getting along. He always has something interesting to say, and like many others I find his voice to be soothing and stories a slice of his life that often cause me to rethink some things, it is courageous to live openly and share parts of your life with others. We all learn from you. Beside all of that is the bonus that you are serious eye candy. Best wishes to you always.

  8. i said the same thing about Seaspiracy. Very one sided from a western self-righteous view point. I'm glad others felt the same way.

  9. I’m craving those rice crackers now. I’m going to try the peanut butter, jam, fruit combo. I don’t know what seeds those were but looks yum! Thank you as always for vlog. ❤️❤️

  10. I had so many laughs in this video… My gosh ivan you make me happy😊😊😊. And by the way i love your hair it's so cute and you look like 10 years younger 😄😄❤️❤️❤️

  11. Your face displays ‘true love’ when you’re eating! Hope you’re doing well and staying safe.✌🏼

  12. ahhh another lovely vlog!!! thanks, Ivan! warm hugs right back to ya! <3 [also, I love the jokes, they genuinely make me giggle]

  13. Ivan that food looks so good! Your hair does as well, I'm so jealous. Thank you for another beautiful vlog to share with us <3.

  14. I watched the wework doc it was so crazy and eye opening! Today I had a very gently productive day 💗💗 I did laundry (also folded it and actually put it away very proud of myself) and decluttered a lot of makeup and I feel very accomplished 😊😊

  15. Im thankful for you!!! Also for spring days, flowers and the safe space I can call home 💕💕 Thank you for also speaking out on the terrible ban on the hijaab in France. Its been really frustrating especially with Ramadan and Muslim holidays coming up I really dont understand how people can think they have the right to police people's bodies

  16. I love the way you take care of your skin and your daily routine. I hope to do that after I finish work. I love you very much❤️❤️❤️. I follow you from Iraq. Please reply🥲

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