Bangkok Now: A Walk Around The City Center (Central World, MBK, Siam Center etc.) Bangkok 2021 Vlog

Bangkok Now / Bangkok 2021: Let’s make a walk around the Bangkok city center – Bangkok 2021 Vlog

Bangkok, Thailand: How does the heart of Bangkok, the city center of Bangkok now look like? I started a walk around Bangkok’s city center, where you can find famous malls like Central world, Siam center, Siam Paragon or the MBK center. This used to be one of the busiest places in all around Bangkok. But Bangkok 2021 is a bit different. Living in Bangkok 2021 can still be great, a few days ago I showed you around my local neighborhood here in Bangkok, where life is pretty normal these days.
But my Bangkok walk around the city center showed me a different perspective. The area around the MBK, Centra World etc. is quite dead. Which is not that surprisingly because it’s a very touristic area. So, is Thailand 2021 still worth it? If you come mainly for touristic reasons than maybe not. Empty places like here in Bangkok now also mean fewer open shops and touristic offers. But if you are planning on living in Bangkok 2021 then it still can be a great place in my opinion. Bangkok 2021 – a walk around Bangkok’s city center

00:00 Bangkok now at central world
02:06 Speaking with a Tuk Tuk driver
05:35 Central world main square
08:25 Platinum Mall
10:00 MBK & Siam Paragon in Bangkok 2021
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