Belgrade Serbia 🇷🇸 Europe's FOOD HAVEN 😋 Will Impress & Surprise You | 197 Countries With 3 Kids

Join us as we visit Belgrade – the capital and largest city of Serbia. Also known as The White City, Belgrade is not only an intriguing capital, but one of Europe’s …


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47 thoughts on “Belgrade Serbia 🇷🇸 Europe's FOOD HAVEN 😋 Will Impress & Surprise You | 197 Countries With 3 Kids

  1. To think not so many years ago Serbian people were being bombed. Much better days now. The sights were very pleasing and the food presentation looked absolutely scrumptious. Muah!

  2. Lol! I actually though that you are a serbian descandent from Australia. Since you look like a serbian woman, but I hear that your english sound like from a native speaker!

    I enjoyed watching your video! You should have come in August. Personally for me then it’s the best and I always go there in august.

  3. Next time at a restaurant just say you’re a Novak Djokovic fan and you’ll get a free meal ;-))) I hope you had a blast in Belgrade…

  4. I hope you liked belgrade and also hope you will come back to visit 🥰 there where few places you missed to visit or you just didn’t film but its ok

  5. I see you mostly visited the restaurants that are modern and pricey, but really the best food is found in small, cheap local places, or the big ones that have been up and going for decades and decades. One such example is the Trpković bakery. I used to buy there every day while I was in Belgrade, and I feel the need to recommend it to everyone. Cheers!

  6. Next time you will be visiting you will be able to see the new square with an enormous monument to Stefan Nemania, the completed St. Sava Church with one of the greatest mosaics in the world (you visited just the Crypt due to the construction), the Sava promenade and the Gallery – the biggest shopping mall in the Balkans. If you are interested in huge green area around a lake – do not miss Ada Ciganlia with all sorts of sports amenities, including golf and water-skiing, lots of cafes and restaurants and kilometers long beach that tens of thousands of Beglraders frequent in summertime.
    If you come in spring or early summer – it could be a very, very memorable time spent in a city.

  7. If it were not for Covid19 there would be lots of tourists in the streets – though not as many as in major European touristy cities, but enough to make it much more lively than now and Belgraders go for side streets to avoid crowds. There are more and more foreigners, especially digital nomads, who choose Belgrade – and Novi Sad – for living. Lots of videos on the topic on YuTube.
    Now I see this was in October 2019. Well, in terms of weather October is not a most beautiful month in Serbia. Spring and summer (April – September) are incomparably better.

  8. Just a quick question
    Can i come and study here,
    Is it a good option for me to study here and have a nice life style?

  9. Je ne sais plus quel pays de l'est va se prendre des bombes atomIques sur la gueule apres avoir ete remballe par leurope dont il.fait partie et ca sera la fin de la communauté europeene

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  11. Get outside Belgrade ..One hour by car : Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci ,Manasija ,Golubac…

    One and a half hour : Subotica and Palic , Sombor , Uvac , Zlatibor , Tara…

    Just google it or even better check it on you tube and pick..All this is one day excursions from Belgrade…

    And one more thing . Sremski Karlovci 10 mins from Novi Sad and Sombor 40 mins from Subotica so you can see two places in one day

  12. Ok, this is my analysys of your video. Very very good editing, almost profesional.
    Lets begin….
    First by first, you are nice looking girl – woman, very cute.

    3:21 This is not serbian food, the best serbian food is in small traditional restaurants, not in fency looking restaurants. My recomendation is street called: Skadarlija. Bunch of traditionall nice looking restaurants, the oldest restaurants in Belgrade.
    The best city, if you want to eat real serbian food and 30% cheaper then Belgrade, it is city of Nish – Naissus(famous by byzantine and roman name),
    Place where is born Konstantine the Great, founder of christianity in Europe and builder of Konstantinopole, byzantine capital and largest and richest city of Europe in that time.
    3:57 Yeeep, graffity are everywhere, this is Balcan culture, from Adriatic sea to ukrainan border, from Croatia to the Athens….
    5:26 It is part of Belgrade called "Belgrade Waterfront", is not finished yet. Plan is over 60 huge buildings and skycrapers from both sides of the river. Lot of contraversy over this project, Balcan???.
    6:05 It is one of the smallest shoping malls in Blegrade. The bigest one is, you passed it, location is waterfront, name is GALERIJA – GALLERY. The most famous is UŠĆE – CONFLUENCE.
    On the begining of New Belgrade, just after Brankov bridge over Sava river. Belgrade has over 30 shioping malls but i do not like it, reason is simple, bunch of small grocery stores and shops was
    closed. Big fish eats small fishes.
    9:30 Serbia has one of the fastest wi-fi internet in the whole Europe, and 15in fastest ADSL in the world. Logical Nikola Tesla is basicaly founder of wi-fi technology.
    Some people-digital nomads coming from the Germany claims, serbian internet is faster then german.
    But Serbia is on the other side one of poorest european countries at the moment, 5th the poorest.
    Our neigboroughs from Romania are in front of us ADSL, they have fastest ADSL in Europe.
    13:01 Belgrade was bombarded 192 times during his history, ok 193 times… 40 times completely destroyed and rebuilded from the ground.
    15:00 Fortress dates from 270 BC, roman emperror Iustinian builds it. 17 roman emprerrors was born in Serbia. Konstantine, Iustinian, Trayan,… First roman emperror was born on teritory of today
    15:05 Balcan region during history has strong german-austrian and turkish influence, Serbia is one of countries, but France makes strong influence on Serbia after liberation from Ottoman empirre.
    You can feel that in architeture. Serbia is country in midle between east and west, it is a reason for one of the most tragic histories in Europe and World.
    You know more about Tito then me, so, i do not know what to say, everything is sayed. I will just add, people in every Balcan country hates it and loves it. He kills hundrads and hundrads thousands of people in camps accross Yugoslavia. But from ruins he builds one of the most powerful states in Europe and world. State who builds pipelines, roads, factories, huge buildings and whole cities across whole world, from subsahar Africa to north of Russia.

    Thank you for visiting Serbia, i hope you have nice time in 5th poorest country in Europe. Greetings from serbian guy.

  13. I'll say 95% of people in Serbia drink 'turkish coffee' 'domestic coffee' 'black coffee' so we don't use coffee machine for instant/filter coffee. But most apartment's should have one for tourists

  14. Tito was a socialist, and though there were many good things that came out from him to the betterment of Yugoslavia, there were plenty of repression and such (his system of economy is communism that ultimately owned indirectly by the state, though his system was more lax – wouldn't call it free market – Do have to remember that communists do have their own system of "free market" which is to invite capital through multinational corporations and millionaires and billionaires elites into investment to generate revenue for the state to continue to repress the masses). He could be a benevolent dictator but a dictator nonetheless. He did fight with the USSR on many occasion, but they are different side of the same coin – The EU(SSR) is the successor to the USSR in term of suprnational communistic technocratic system.

  15. Greetings from Belgrade. Nice video. Thank you! Yes, Belgrade is not one of those cities one falls in love with at first sight, like Paris, Vienna, Rome. It has a lot of delapidated buildings, many grey ones, but also many nice ones. It has a lot of graffiti. But, it definitely has its own, totally unique charm, a lot of history, a mishmash of architecture – from the Celts and Ancient Romans (foundations of the Kalemegdan fortress), to the Turks – Oriental-Balkan, Austrians-Hungarians – classical European architecture, to the brutalist concrete of the Communist era, to the buildings bombed by NATO in 1999, to the modern buildings of today's era, and the largest shopping mall in the former Yugoslavia, to the Belgrade Waterfront – a joint UAE-Serbian mega project in construction. You will experience amazing nightlife, friendly and welcoming people, great food, and you are basically safe in the streets, probably safer than in many Western cities. So, a good time is guaranteed, and it is not expensive for Westerners. Just don't judge the book by its cover, as the saying goes. Looks like you had a good time, and I am glad. A small update: The Saint Sava Temple is now fully completed inside. It is magnificent, both on the ground level and the lower level (crypt). Now they are working on the plateau outside. We also have a new monument – 23 meters tall, to one of our medieval rulers, worth checking out. The base of the monument is really interesting – a work of art on its own with so many details. Cheers!

  16. Really nice video as always. The Bloopers in the ending were awesome 😂😂😂😂😂
    BTW, there's a bad news from India, a state named Maharashtra has been again affected by COVID 19 and lockdown has been again implemented. So please follow all precautions properly and don't take it lightly. Stay Safe ❤❤❤❤
    And Love from India ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  17. So awesome that you are doing this with the whole family. The classroom is outdated nonsense with half asleep teachers who look at their pensions more than what they teach. Enjoy your journey, life is too short!

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