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Hello to my jobless army. So the wait is over here is my another vlog. This time I came up with different vlog it’s not a food vlog actually this vlog is about gaming zone in Pacific Mall in Shubhash Nagar Delhi.

If you guys finding a place to change your mood, if you are tired of your boring schedule and you want enjoyment then this is the place you have to go and enjoy many games. Actually Pacific mall is very huge mall which has many sections like shopping, resturants, game zone, etc. But we are very excited about this gaming zone. Me and my friends having exams nowadays as you know exam time is very stressful time so after our exam we decided to go and check out this amazing gaming zone.

Actually Diksha and vanshi had a wish to win a teddy. But unfortunately they don’t get a single teddy even I also tried many times to grab the teddy but the truth is their gripping machine was not so okay. But apart this teddy game rest of the games are pretty nice. Oh my god we had so much fun with each other at this place. We literally became a child whenever we play.

There was a concept of games that you have to select a pack to purchase your card in which they allot your money in the card just like metro card. You have to touch your card with the screen present in the every game before you start a game. We bought our card about Rs 1500 and we got 2000 money in our card. Let me clear your thoughts every game has a price whenever you touch your card to play price will be deducted in your card money. So this is the very nice concept that you have enough money to play any game you want to play.

This has a very special feature that at the end of the game you got your tickets so collect your tickets and submit at the counter and win your favourite gifts from them. We got 200 tickets at the end so we choose to buy two smiley balls.

Do watch the video till the end this is an amazing gaming zone I hope you guys definitely like it.

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