Bookstore Vlog – Starmark (+ South City Mall) | Tessa Clarke [2021]

Hello! This is Tessa. In this video, I am going to be showing you the time I went to Starmark in the South City Mall. I was not allowed to buy any book because I have already got a huge TBR pile back home. We also did buy a few necessary clothing items even though I was the least interested in them. I went there along with my mother, brother and grandmother and had so much fun eating at the “Coffee World”. The food was delicious! Yum yum!! And yes, NEVER FORGET TO PUT ON A MASK. I opened it just a few times to click the pictures and when many people were not around. I also loved my outfit. It just looks so smart!! Anyways, it’s been almost two years since we went to a mall (2019 was an exception because my grandfather was ill – he passed away last year just before the pandemic started, may his soul rest in peace… and not last year due to lockdown). Anyways, thanks for watching!

Recording date & location: March 24, 2021, Kolkata

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