36 thoughts on “BRAND FACTORY Shopping Mall Ulubari Guwahati Assam | VOL. 2

  1. It would be very good if u could show ur face 🧒🙍‍♂️. Hoping for that in ur next blog.
    Those captured people in the video 📹 are the fortunate ones 🤩🤩
    Anyway thanks for refreshing our mind. 👌👌👌😊

  2. D video of first half is not d clear n it's a bit shaky, lst part is mch mch betr. Tak it in Positive vibe plz. Big thnks to u bro.

  3. Bro wished to b there for x-mas shopping🤣🤣I vil hurry to buy,buy 1 get 1 free🤣,ur videos took to m Guwahati for few minutes,🤣Thank you so much, love it n enjoyed watching ur vlog,👌👌🥰
    Bro,in next vlog good to show ur face n f possible come up with some conversation with ta shopkeeper or with ta customers👍👍👌👌 eagerly waiting for ur next vlog 🥰 keep going, God bless you always 🙏🙏

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