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  1. Wow! I grew up going to this mall. Montgomery Wards, Mervyns and Joslin's were the anchor stores. In my teen years, in the '80s, Sam Goody, the arcade, the movie theater and Orange Julius were my hangouts here. Christmas time was always packed with people. I remember Hickory Farm! I was there when it was demolished

  2. I think I worked at pretty much every store in this mall during high school. lol. Such good memories. Thank you for posting this. It's sad that isn't there anymore. I'd give anything for one more walk around the lady.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. Brought back so many memories. My mom worked there she worked up to the day they closed and than worked at home for the company. She was a dedicated employee she worked in the mall office. I worked in many of the retail stores in the mall. Back in the day it was very busy and a very happy place to be.

  4. What was the name of that shop that sold mainly rock tee shirts/merchandise and posters? I lived in that place in the late 1980s! They also supplied my high school wardrobe, for the most part. 'US Poster', was it? I'm not thinking of Musicland; this one was down farther.

  5. Very nice! My Grandpa used to walk there several times a week. It was my favorite mall, and I still miss it. Funny, I was just checking out your album on Flickr. I love your song choice, too. You did a wonderful job on the film!

  6. that hush puppies sign at 0:30 was there when i was going to the arcade there in 94-99 i bet it never got switched out till the malls demise.. great memories there…

  7. I grew up coming to this mall every Monday after school with my family. Eating at Furr's Cafeteria, mmm…meat loaf. Christmas time it was always packed with shoppers. In recent years I have brought MY children to visit it's now empty hallways just for memory sake, and to tell them my stories of shopping there growing up. I will miss it. But never forget it. Thanks Buckingham Square!

  8. Oh man… My shop didn't make it into your vid… Check out my video response with more footage of Buckingham Square.

  9. Oh, I live in Jersey. I don't miss the mall that much to make a trip back before it closes.

    I actually saw the same thing happen to my university campus four years after I graduated. They shut down our remote/alternate/smaller campus. The first time my mom ever saw my campus, the windows were boarded up and there was a fence across the main roadway. I think they're putting a walmart where it used to be – joy…

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