California officers acused of fatally shooting Black man after jaywalking stop

Newly released video shows a deadly confrontation between police and a Black homeless man who was stopped for jaywalking in San Clemente, California. Carter Evans reports. Warning: Footage is graphic.

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Author: admin

39 thoughts on “California officers acused of fatally shooting Black man after jaywalking stop

  1. hey y'all voted democrats nothing going to change because they need the police just as much, also clearly he tried to reach for the gun so most likely he did grab it so pew pew he's gone democratic run stated blue state that's on y'all

  2. The deputy is part of a homeless outreach team and stop a homeless man for jaywalking 🤔🤦🏽‍♂️ they couldn't even agree that it was jaywalking….

  3. I don’t see him grabbing anything. That’s the excuse they want to give, so be it. I say where’s body cam footage? I need clarification that he 100% grab the cop’s gun. Are his prints on the gun in question? This poor man’s family needs proof and answers.

  4. Why do the police insist when they investigate themselves that satisfies the need of a neutral investigation? Bringing in your buddy prosecutors doesn't count either. It's basically like making Hitler the tribunal judge at Nuremberg.

  5. Really? You gotta go straight race-card and isolate. Not saying racism doesn't exist, but most middle of the road average American Citizens aren't racist. You can argue percentages all day long, because the MSM and certain other groups have sadly watered down real racism with race baited breaking news so much we'll never know but one thing we know for sure….We "Citizens" keep getting shot by the Government. And 3 entities are getting rich while we pay with our lives. There is a 100% thirst for power & money by the MSM, The State, and these political groups that make millions and aren't changing anything pennies into dollars, millions of them!. Plain and simple, the State Government (Cops) are killing private "Citizens" and the M$M & agenda driven Political groups are cashing in on it! That's plain wrong!
    A major portion of these Citizens are getting killed over stupid laws that were never voted on by "We The People" in the first place. How many of these senseless killing start off (such as this one) start over a Cop on a "Power Trip" is enforcing traffic law infraction then ends up killing someone because they didn't obey his State issued enforcement power? Then the story gets amped up by a political group who gets millions in donations, and the MSM keeps pouring gas on the fire and fanning the flames, making sure to slide in a little "division-speak" in the story so We the People will never come together because all 3 are constantly pitting us against each other like animals. Meanwhile real people are getting really DEAD!! Brothers & Sisters wake up!
    We're all getting played while the rich get richer and we're paying with the lives of our families, friends, & neighbors.

  6. At 0:41,………"Why you touch'n me". The video gets edited and jumps to to Police taking him down.

    This editing seems to happen a lot with citizens and cell-phones.

    I'm not saying the Police were right,…….but I do see the mans hand on the Officers gun

    Anybody want to show the full un-edited video?

    This is CNN.

  7. Cops like these don't need to make it home at nights. They'll get theirs ,but it'll be more humane like by his wife or when they get out gunned. One cop wanted to let him go and the other decided to make something out of it. I'm glad to have seen cops getting beat with an American flag and being dragged down a flight of stairs I just wish it wasn't at the Capitol should of been out in the streets. To remind them The Peace You Keep Is Also your own

  8. Not gonna say my age I’m young though and me being this young I even know better then these police officers makes me wanna vomit seeing this

  9. He wasn’t impeding traffic so that wasn’t the issue. They weren’t concerned over his safety because they shot and killed him. So…why did they really mess with him?

  10. I'll be honest I don't like Jaywalkers for obstructing the drivers path but this unacceptable. Could have just arrested him for a moment to give him a ticket.

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