39 thoughts on “Caught On Camera: Senior Police Officer in Coimbatore Gropes Female Cop On Duty

  1. வெற்றி நடை போடும் தமிழகம்…Tamil Nadu is on a winning streak

  2. All men know when they grab a woman’s body part he definitely did this on purpose this was not an accident he grabbed her breasts repeatedly on purpose she pushed his hand away he still grabbed her breasts! Every man knows perfectly well they have touched a woman’s body part even by mistake. No man can tell me he bumped into a woman’s breast or grabbed her by mistake please that’s bullshit!

  3. Some policemen becoming police to do such a f**ing work with women whom ever it is…becoz they are police ****

  4. Guess what she didn't complain…..cause she said he saved me from the protesters attack…..and this media is showing upside down

  5. This is a weird one….I don't think India Today had a right to report on this as the video evidence is concrete enough to suggest he was groping.

  6. Trash ass news . I can't believe people think that he's molesting her , can't y'all see that he's trying to push her away . I mean he sort of touched her chest but he's just trying to do his job and it's not his fault

  7. क्या गधे बैठे है न्यूज़रूम में, फिर कहते है लड़कियों को मौक़ा नहीं मिलता है।
    He is pushing all his subordinates back but somehow super sensitive fake feminists find this inappropriate. Indian media can defame anyone for their TRP.

  8. I'm not sure if it's molesting or the pushing her away in a emergency……it's not fair to tag this as molesting without investigation…the media should pay compensation if it proved not to be molesting.

  9. These news channels find cringe in everything, I can report this as a male officer pushing the lady constable trying to molest him. In India some media houses always want to promote fake feminism.

  10. bhai bhai faisla bhot jldi suna dete a ek toh lok beedh dekh rehe ho dhkke per dhkaa ek dusre m gussre a or ek or lady bhi unke vich m se niklne ki koshish karti a vo sabko he pishe dkhel raha tha 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  11. it is very clear being not intentional and that is not groping and also much midleading statements sent out across to the public…

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