20 thoughts on “Child injured after shooting outside of busy metro Atlanta mall

  1. Doesn't it seem strange how so many of the reported shootings are centered in heavily Democrat cities in a hand full of Blue states?

  2. Yo where the big homies at ya'll got to check ur minions …no drive by come on yall beefing handle it like man ..

  3. Why won't they showcase the shootings in Chicago. Because this would go against there gun control agenda. Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the nation and it hasn't stopped the shootings . It increased crime and shootings. Gun fee zones are kill zones for criminals that don't follow laws.

  4. White supremacists are every where ain't they …..funny shooting being covered by the non lying news ,,,,,,u know it was a white man ! Ask all the folks on Twitter, they had the guy from boulder pegged ! Yep white guy

  5. People are getting this money and going shopping and bumping into already standing problems or finding new ones there. 'Wouldn't happen at an 'Invest Your Stimulus Money ' seminar

  6. I'm from philadelphia and I'm a legal gun owner I'm all for extensive background checks and background checks should be done on all firearms. Assault rifle's are the choice of criminals because of that and this must stop . Mandatory sentences for straw purchases and crimes involving illegal guns of all kinds.🇺🇸🙏.When these gun buy back programs go on it's law abiding citizens turning in guns not the uneducated jackasses robbing and doing home invasions.

  7. Are we going to defund the police ? Or are we going to turn in our guns because the police will protect us ? If the po po don't do good protectin' us do we get our gat back ?

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