1. hello you didn't subscribe my channel how can i subscribe you but i subscribed you so please consider positively best of luck
    I'm from Dubai. UAE From Roofi Foods

  2. It is not shaping, it is drawing. Mid-east and South America people usually have very thick eyebrow, needs shaping, Most Chinese have very thin eyebrow, not need to shape.

  3. Have you traveled to Harbin? It's a Chinese city in the northeast with Russian influences, e.g. onion dome cathedral, Russian dolls, Vodka, and food.

  4. From my limited experience (shopping with my wife), The 5000-6000 RMB is not the cost of a permanent eye brows, but rather a deposit into your membership account.
    Once you deposited that amount into your account, your automatically became a VIP member of the salon. You can use that money to purchase all kinds of services from the salon at a discounted price.

  5. You look amazing with your new eye brows , can surely tell the artist is very professional with her work.
    Agreed , the Price is too high 😔

    Cheers 🇨🇦🍻

  6. Whether tattoos or eyebrows, I don't think it's as beautiful as nature. Of course, I am Chinese, and our aesthetic views may be different.😊

  7. How much do they fix men's eyebrows for? I've been looking for the perfect candidate to get my eyebrows done for ages! Do they ever use textas to colour them in? Or even colour pencils?

  8. permanent makeup is extremely risky. most of these savages can't even do it correctly and they fuck up peoples face permanently. and whats the point of wearing a mask if they are like dry humping each other in public!? clowns!!!!

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