Coca Cola – Brotherly Love | Coke / Avicii Hey Brother

Brotherly love means always being there when it matters, according to this Coca-Cola TV ad, part of the 2016 Taste the Feeling campaign. The music track is a new version of Avicii’s Hey Brother by US music production trio Space Camp, with vocals from Space Camp’s Hawaiian singer Josh Jones. Space Camp have also written and performed other songs for Coke’s 2016 campaign, including the Taste the Feeling brand anthem featuring Conrad Sewell. The new version of Hey Brother isn’t available to download, but you can download the Avicii original on iTunes.

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48 thoughts on “Coca Cola – Brotherly Love | Coke / Avicii Hey Brother

  1. What happened why did you leave my life 2016? I miss you it’s so hard not to cry thinking about that year and all the awesome memories and that my life is on pause due to coronavirus

  2. your older brother may be annoying and may irritate you, Make you angry and make you feel like you don't want to be near him, but don't forget he'll help you out with stuff that you may not be able to stand up to yourself.

  3. Got into a big fight the other day with some people.
    Oh man, it was like 2 guys vs 50.

    Boy, we messed up those 2 guys, I'll tell you that.

  4. I like Coca Cola better than Pepsi
    But I like Pepsi max better than Coke Zero
    I like Diet Coke better than Pepsi light
    And I like Pepsi max cherry better than cherry coke

  5. Very unpleasant commercial. An educational film comes to mind: big guy bully the weaker, but the weaker does not dare to do anything because he fears for his life. Look at the pleasure the bully gets at the end of the movie. Weaker is left helpless on the bench and tries to smile with an artificial smile so that the bully does not beat any more. 0/5 That's why I like Pepsi

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