Conversation Openers | #ConnectingWithPeople E01 | Utkarsh Gahlot | #talkinenglish #confidencetips

Ever wondered what are conversation starters? How can you connect well with people you just met? How to have conversations going for a long without struggle for topics to talk about? How to have amazing, organic conversations with people you have just met? Follow these tips in your communication or first interaction with people. Make the spark happen by using the right kind of questions and the right kind of words. Learn how to connect instantaneously with strangers and random people in any surrounding, whether it is the bus stop, a party or a mall.

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9 thoughts on “Conversation Openers | #ConnectingWithPeople E01 | Utkarsh Gahlot | #talkinenglish #confidencetips

  1. Communication openers, they are very important. They create the first impressions on listeners' mind, whether they will respond back or not. Right words will touch the heart of the listeners.

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