Convert Excel (xls, xlsx,…) to Vcard (VCF) for Smart Phone (2019)

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Tải phần mềm NotePad++ tại đây:

Video hướng dẫn tạo file danh bạ Vcard – VCF từ file Excel
1. Chuẩn bị sẵn 1 file Excel
2. Lưu file excel dưới dạng Unicode text.
3. Mở file TXT với NotePad++ để thay thế các khoảng cách bằng dấu “,” (dấu phẩy).
4. Convert code sang UTF-8 bằng NotePad++ và lưu file.
5. Đổi tên file thành *.csv
6. Nhập file *.csv lên danh bạ của Gmail.
7. Xuất danh bạ từ Gmail xuống thành Vcard – VCF

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35 thoughts on “Convert Excel (xls, xlsx,…) to Vcard (VCF) for Smart Phone (2019)

  1. Thanks, guy! You helped too much! But you don't need to create a CSV file manually. You can export the file as a CSV and then import on the contacts. After it, you export from the Google Contacts. But, thank you!

  2. If any naive user don' t want to use Google account to convert Excel file format ( .xls and .xlsx) format to Virtual card format (VCF) or vCard, a user can directly convert to save time and effort. Download Excel to vCard Converter:
    The tool allows the user to convert Contacts save in Excel file to the different vCar file format (2.1, 3.0, 4.0).

  3. If you're looking for a free solution to convert Excel to vCard, you can try an easy manual trick. The manual trick doesn't require any 3rd party paid tool. You can import contacts information from the Excel files to VCF files. Refer to this article for complete information –

  4. Thank you very much, it worked so well, you saved my lot of time. I don't understand Vietnamese so I used google translate. Thank you so much once again, you are a saviour.

  5. please tell me the notepad++ code for adding second buisness address and three more mobile numbers please.
    xin vui lòng cho tôi biết notepad ++ mã cho thêm địa chỉ doanh nghiệp thứ hai và ba con số di động vui lòng.

  6. Script :Too much complicated just open ur excel file with vb on that sheets and paste code and execute it will convert it to v-card, just import it to ur google contact, sync on phone and tadda, done, Note: keep excel column first name, last name, number with heading

    'External Properties & Functions Declaration
    Private Declare Function ShellExecute Lib "shell32.dll" Alias "ShellExecuteA" (ByVal hWnd As Long,

    ByVal Operation As String, ByVal Filename As String, Optional ByVal Parameters As String, Optional

    ByVal Directory As String, Optional ByVal WindowStyle As Long = vbMinimizedFocus) As Long
    Private Sub Create_VCF()
    'Open a File in Specific Path in Output or Append mode
    Dim FileNum As Integer
    Dim iRow As Double
    iRow = 2
    FileNum = FreeFile
    OutFilePath = ThisWorkbook.Path & "OutputVCF.VCF"
    Open OutFilePath For Output As FileNum

    'Loop through Excel Sheet each row and write it to VCF File
    While VBA.Trim(Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(iRow, 1)) <> ""
    FName = VBA.Trim(Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(iRow, 1))
    LName = VBA.Trim(Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(iRow, 2))
    PhNum = VBA.Trim(Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(iRow, 3))

    Print #FileNum, "BEGIN:VCARD"
    Print #FileNum, "VERSION:3.0"
    Print #FileNum, "N:" & FName & ";" & LName & ";;;"
    Print #FileNum, "FN:" & FName & " " & LName
    Print #FileNum, "TEL;TYPE=CELL;TYPE=PREF:" & PhNum
    Print #FileNum, "END:VCARD"
    iRow = iRow + 1

    'Close The File
    Close #FileNum
    MsgBox "Contacts Converted to Saved To: " & OutFilePath & " – Join Email Subscription To Get Latest

    ShellExecute 0, "Open", ""
    End Sub

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