26 thoughts on “COVID-19: Dubai malls are back to 100% capacity

  1. This is the new normal: People nowadays decide to spend their money wisely and not fall to shopping sale traps! 😂😂😂 Parking slots seem full, but where are the shoppers? 😂😂😂

  2. Dubai stop with issuing resident and mission visa , so my company can not
    finished project because need people from Europe.we wait 4 months
    Now we decide leave Dubai and moved to Spain
    Dubai is not safe place for business anymore

  3. UAE in general and Dubai in particular are the biggest fake areas with practically no respect for humans… It is a true eye opener for UAE to wake up and see that how without expatriates, whom it treated like a slave and felt pleasure in its sadistic policies it will fill these white elephants…..

  4. Most of these retail outlets will bleed dry in few months watch and see the closures. The rents are not affordable even at 50% discounts.

  5. Are things back to normal as usual or not? Are there people and some tourists around or not? Are reservations and bookings coming in or not? Anybody answer! Now! Give me a reply! Now!

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