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  1. I used to stop in this mall sometimes when I was a kid. My grandma always passed it whenever she drove me and my family down to the shore…since that was the road(47) she took

  2. Cumberland Mall is located at the interchange of NJ 55 and NJ 47 (Delsea Drive) slightly to the south of Vineland. The mall is approximately 45 miles south of Philadelphia. Cumberland Mall is not competing with any other malls nearby, the closest malls would be Hamilton Mall to the east and Deptford Mall to the north, each of which are approximately 30 miles away. Vineland, Millville and Bridgeton are small population centers of approximately 75,000 people combined, surrounded by rural areas. For the reason that here are not any nearby malls competing with Cumberland Mall it should continue to be relatively successful. That area of Vineland, Millville and Bridgeton is the only population center of any size in New Jersey that never had a suburban building boom in the fashion that suburban areas closer to New York, Philadelphia, Trenton had and that the Jersey Shore had. There is not a major north south highway such as the NJ Turnpike or Garden State Parkway or a major east west highway such as Interstate(s) 80 or 78 going through that area. That little area of South Jersey in some ways more resembles parts of the Upper South or even the Midwest than it does other sections of New Jersey more connected to the major metropolitan areas.

  3. Despite the vacancies, this mall has some good points: reasonably sound anchors in Boscov's, Dick's, Marshalls and Burlington (even if the last two are rather un-glamorous), some kiosks still open, more national than secondary retailers, and even the fact that a car dealer is using it to display vehicles.

  4. Yup, it';s my mall again! We're doing fine because a lot of folks around here can find better "bottom dollar" places to scour for deals in this mall than in Deptford or the dying Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing. Plus Delsea drive is cumberland county's "Main drag" that everyone drives down, so if you're going to eat out at Red Robin, Chik Fil-A, or wherever, you're going to hit the mall while you're there. Another bonus is that Luca's Pizza is arguably the best pizza in the county. I go there and get a take out large pie for my family about once every week or two. Cumberland Mall is special in the way that it's "the poor people's mall" in NJ and as such has a lot of deals and clearance stores other malls never had.

  5. This mall in a way reminds me of Bergen Town Center (another great mall to check out), mainly because both have Marshalls and Burlington as anchors and also comprise of just one main floor.

  6. Question. I follow another retail historian who will go nameless. He is always showing his confrontations with security. Have you ever been stopped by security? And you just edit it out. Or is he just unlucky?

  7. I think that what keeps this mall surviving is its roster of fairly strong anchors. Yes there a fair number of vacancies but, it doesn’t seem to stop it. Finally it’s nice to see a mall that is doing well despite the challenges in this retail environment.

  8. I would say an ok mall, everything about this mall is just ok. It has all its anchor from what I can see….but the stores are good. Aeropostale. Aeo. Pink? This mall needs entertainment which it doesnt really have…..

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