DEAD MALL: Richmond Town Square – Richmond Heights, OH

DEAD MALL: Richmond Town Square – Richmond Heights, OH. A mall that has seen better days may soon face a wrecking ball to be turned into a mixed use property.

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44 thoughts on “DEAD MALL: Richmond Town Square – Richmond Heights, OH

  1. i use to go there alot when i was a kid, a teen and growing up and had so much good times there and i remember they used to have an arcade there back in the 90s…it used to be jumpin and now sad to see it all fall down..

  2. This brings back memories… I got my first bike from that sears, learned how to drive in that back parkinglot used to get my haircut from MoBazz in the mall

  3. Lmao. I used to work at this mall. I worked at the Payless there for about a few months. It sucked when I worked there and slowly after that Payless closed. It’s just nothing to do in Richmond Heights lol

  4. So sad. Me and my friends used to hang out at this mall before it was renovated and it used to be such a fun place. I was in this new mall only once and that was well over 15 years ago.

  5. Fan 4 Life actually started in the Euclid Square Mall in the mid 90's. And I'm surprised to see it's still there today. One of the only places in the area that sold Mitchell and Ness hats.

  6. That's a former Loews Cineplex exactly like the one in N. Versailles which had 14 screens on 'low side' and 6 screens on 'high side'

  7. This mall looks very much alive compared to the Northgate Mall here in Lafayette. But I can see why you call it a dead mall – almost no people, and a lot of closed businesses.

    P.S. When you showed the Payless Shoesource, I thought about the one that's closed not far from Northgate Mall. Feel free to check out that video if you want to.

  8. Kohan Retail Investment Group owns this mall too? They also own Chapel Hill Mall in Akron, and that mall is well on its way to sharing the fate of another infamous abandoned mall in Akron… could we be seeing yet another Rolling Acres in Richmond Heights?!!!!

  9. This mall is not that far south of another dead mall, Euclid Square Mall, that is now an Amazon distribution center… a short way in the other direction, in Lyndhurst, are two more upscale malls (Legacy Village and Beechwood Place)…

  10. The Food Court Restaurants that are still open in the modern day malls are the ghetto drug fronts like Italian Pizzerias in the Bronx are to the mob for their illegal activities. You dont really think they are still open because they are selling food do you?

  11. Looks like it had a Best Buy Mobile… last time I saw one of those was in my own mall, and that location is long gone too!

  12. East Town Mall aka Knoxville Center Mall in Knoxville TN is closing at the end of January. That's not too long from now…

  13. The Simon Group acquired most of the Mills Malls. Mills Malls were malls developed by the Mills Corporation such as my Potomac Mills Mall which is thriving

  14. Great job filming this mall, Wallie! Looks like a decent place to shop, sad to see it so empty! Thanks for sharing and have a great day! 😀

  15. Yet another Cleveland area mall heading for the dustbin of history.Leaving CLE area with Beachwood Place & Great Lakes enclosed malls on east side and Great Northern & Southpark enclosed malls on west side.I think now is sustainable in what used to be a very overmalled area.🙇‍♂️BTW Wallie Warren's Eastwood mall is getting a new Boscovs and a big event center according to Youngstowns WKBN📻

  16. I spell correctly there was cause there was a mall I went to in the past and I didn't had a Sears it was in Massachusetts I think

  17. Without a doubt the creepiest mall I ever visited. Eerily silent all throughout with the only other people we saw being the employees for what's left and (get this) the Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus they had a setup for by Cubesmart Storage.

  18. This is a sad thing to see Wallie. Looks very nice inside. I'm glad you and others are filming places like these to keep the memories alive. Sending you and Kayla best regards from Arizona

  19. Hey wallieB, AWEEEESOME video. What a great opening beginning, excellent video . Stay safe &
    safe travels. Thank you for filming. Are you joining Ace in Knoxville, Tennessee on Jan 31st,
    For a fan meet up ?

  20. Like this comment, if you agree

    Wallie, you should try pulling on the windows of slideing doors, one time i hit one with a shoping cart while the door was open

  21. I love the aesthetics on this mall so pretty but of course the Macy’s is a storage unit place, imo is a waste of space.

  22. I was there in 2017! I was surprised, at the time, the mall was so dead…. yet the food court was entirely populated then.

  23. There is a company that bought up a few 100 malls throughout the US they bought one in the town I just moved from and they bought the 1 in a town I live in They're going to tear down all the malls they bought put in outlet strip malls apartments hotels anything that can make money other than a regular mall It is sad to see all these malls disappearing it's like a whole generation lost

  24. I forgot about this mall. It seems like Northeast was overmalled. Overall this mall looks clean and sad at the same time.

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