Descendants Of The Sun eng sub ep 1-Part-8(Lee kwang soo cameo)

Descendants of the Sun:-
It is the story of a special force officer and a surgeon who fall in love at first sight. Their contrasting ideologies and values ( as one kills to protect lives while the other one saves lives to protect them) make them stay away from one another. Destiny plays an interesting role and, almost a year of having parted ways they meet at the war-zone ‘Uruk’, a land far from Seoul. Now, circumstances bring them face to face where the must work closely driven by their principles.




Song Joong- ki
Song Hye- kyo
Kim Ji-won
Jin Goo
Kim Min-Seok
Ahn Bo-Hyun
Yoo Ah-in
Kim Byung-chByung-chul
Park Hoon
Park Hwan-Hee
Kang Shin-il
Cho Tae-Tae-gwan


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