Deserted shopping mall Zombie Experience, Reading, UK

Takin’ Zombies down with Sion Ballard, James Dunleavy & Ollie wallbridge

“The mall experience is truly one like no other; the first part is a 2 and a half hour ‘movie experience’ in which you and your friends star in real-time, while the second sees you and your group pitted against the horde in a series of missions in a full-on ‘run and gun’ gore fest.”


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48 thoughts on “Deserted shopping mall Zombie Experience, Reading, UK

  1. Wow. That's friars walk. My mum used to take me there as kid for school clothes. Strangely it hasn't changed much.

  2. I'd love to see something like this but where they have like 50+ volunteers to play as zombies in an indoor area.

    Imagine full on hordes, now that would be scary 😀

  3. Lord if zombies were real I would not be one of them is would have already took the gun to my head no thx

  4. I jus see this place is closing down! I’m gutted I never knew this was here!!! I use to run around in that place as a nipper, then I exploded this place as a teenager (got kicked out a few times) then as an adult the place closes down then 4 years ago this opens and I never knew ahhhhhhhh.

  5. The feeling I have been to this mall to many times and this happens at night gives me the chills I so wanna do this

  6. I never knew that they actually did a zombie theme walk through experience in the UK I hope they do more of them like damn I'd be attending right away thank you for putting this video out there x3

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