Designer Handbag Collection 2021 | 45 Bags! Hermes, Chanel, LV, Dior, Saint Laurent

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I’ve curated this collection over 15 years and I’d say I’m the luckiest girl in the world. Work hard, reach your goals, strive to make your mark in the world, and the world is your oyster. You can do anything, be anything.


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➟ Longchamp le pliage neo tote bag
➟ Burberry rucksack there are so many pretty colors now! drool!
➟ Balenciaga
➟ Chloe diaper bag
➟ Angela Roi vegan leather bag
➟ Saint Laurent clutch (DM me if interested, willing to sell, New condition)
➟ Saint Laurent suede Niki bag
➟ Saint Laurent tote bag
preowned: color)
➟ Cartier clutch
➟ Dior book tote
stunning classic color/size:
insanely beautiful design:
➟ Louis Vuitton Bum bag
➟ LV Neverfull
➟ LV Neonoé – caramel
➟ Samorga inserts
➟ LV Speedy 25
➟ LV Pochette Metis
➟ LV Pallas BB
➟ LV Icare bag (old models)
➟ LV Horizon 50
➟ LV Keepall 45, 50, 60
➟ Chanel Jumbo Classic Single Flap caviar gold hardware
➟ Chanel Filigree backpack small (DM me if interested, willing to sell for the right offer)
➟ Chanel CC Trendy small
➟ Chanel WOC le boy grey
➟ Chanel WOC caviar classic quilted black
➟ Chanel Deauville grey
➟ Chanel backpack
➟ Hermes Birkin 25 Magnolia PHW
➟ Hermes Constance 24 Epsom Black RGHW
➟ Hermes Birkin 30 Barenia Fauborg Fauve GHW
➟ Hermes Evelyn TPM Togo in Noir PHW
➟ Hermes Birkin 35 Togo in Geranium PHW

00:00 Introduction
02:20 Rebecca Minkoff, Marc Jacobs, Burberry
09:42 Balenciaga, Angela Roi, Alexander Wang
11:22 Saint Laurent (I don’t know why I keep referring to it as YSL still)
13:54 Chloe, Cartier
15:14 Dior
17:00 Louis Vuitton
29:22 Chanel
37:14 Hermes

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36 thoughts on “Designer Handbag Collection 2021 | 45 Bags! Hermes, Chanel, LV, Dior, Saint Laurent

  1. Girrrllll! The best handbag collection I’ve ever seen. I love how you don’t follow the trend. All your bags are classics IMO.

  2. The Birkin Magnolia has my heart!!! Thanks for showing us that!!

    Looking forward to more unboxings and What’s in my bag videos! I know, shallow stuff but it is not like I am coming to youtube to learn open-heart surgery kind of videos 😁

  3. What a fabulous handbag collection pure beauty and its lovely to see another handbag lover I keep getting told to sell mine and people don’t understand it is a pure love lol

  4. I love how grounded you are and thankful for what you have. I’m not into bags but enjoyed watching this video because of your energy. You’re fun to watch. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Great content. Enjoyed it so much. Thanks for all the hard work. Do you have an estimated total value for this unbelievable collection?

  6. So jealous of Harper and Juliet's future bag collection :p Thanks for sharing your collection! Will definitely continue working hard in residency with hopes that I can one day purchase a designer bag.

  7. I watched this on 2x speed and it was awesome! Thanks for showing us your collection and giving us your advice on each piece!

  8. WHOOP!!! So excited for this video and please do the Hermès unboxing, there can never be too much luxury ☺️☺️

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