Dmart Stock Analysis| Dmart vs Walmart (Radhakishan Damani's masterplan)

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Time Stamps

Intro- Dmart VS Walmart: (0:00)
Indian Retail Industry & types of stores: (1:17)
Dmart Key Product Categories: (4:00)
Subhikasha Vicious Cycle: (5:51)
Similarity Between Dmart & Walmart: (7:30)
Walmart VS The Industry: (13:16)
Dmart’s Flywheel: (14:50)
Costco Business Strategy & Moat: (23:06)
Valuation- Two Scenario: (27:10)

Disclaimer: We are not Sebi registered investment advisors. This video is only meant for education purpose and nothing constitutes as an investment advice.


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20 thoughts on “Dmart Stock Analysis| Dmart vs Walmart (Radhakishan Damani's masterplan)

  1. Sir after quantitative analysis like p&l, cash flow, balance sheet etc , next how can i find all data as you sharing in video this sector going to grow about___ this percentage, this potential in this sector or other details as you sharing in video

  2. very nicely explained and Future retail ltd has the same story as Subhiksha retail. Future retail also took so much debt and acquire Bharti enterprise retail(Easyday stores) business and south-based Heritage retail. But its acquisition strategy failed and later on August 2020 Reliance ventures Ltd acquired it in slump sale.

  3. 826 comments in 4days! Great
    .. As a retail professional, I must compliment you on a great presentation… For new comers, stock turnaround terms may need explanation… .. Also what if after 20 years also, the investors in 2050 feel that Dmart is a long term bet and hence in 2050 also it's valuation is ahead of times, then it will become a good bet to invests now??

  4. Sir nice
    Can u compare all big FMCG companies which can give return in future bu10 to 15%growth annually
    And I wish that your team could say some stocks buy and forget
    Thanks sir🔥

  5. Amazing analysis once again Ishmohit. Shared some of your earlier videos with my family, friends and colleagues. You now have 5 fans in my house and atleast 2 millennials who want to learn from you. Your channel is truely underrated. Keep up the good work.

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