Dự Báo Thời Tiết ngày 26/7 | Bắc Bộ, Trung Bộ nắng nóng gay gắt | VTV TSTC

Dự Báo Thời Tiết ngày 26/7 | Bắc Bộ, Trung Bộ nắng nóng gay gắt | VTV TSTC

VTV THỜI SỰ TOÀN CẢNH là kênh tin tức online chính thức của Đài Truyền Hình Việt Nam.

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2 thoughts on “Dự Báo Thời Tiết ngày 26/7 | Bắc Bộ, Trung Bộ nắng nóng gay gắt | VTV TSTC

  1. The communist party of Vietnam have fooled our people and from time to time for the last 75 years ; They also insulted to our people nationally . They served our people disgraceful and disrespectfully . If you can't see pictures – please , allow me to help you to see and understand those pictures and their ideas .
    The communist party of Vietnam selected and promoted Mr Nguyen Phu Trong as a 3rd term President . Mr Trong now is 75 years old man with his qualification as Phd ( doctorate) in Communism . As a age of 75 years , most of the working people retired from their works , to catch up with their families and friends , and playing with their grandchildren and great grand children ; But instead , Mr Trong was promoted by his party for the 3rd term president – They treated our people like animal , and have no respects for us ; because , they do not need the votes of our people as well as our people views .
    2ndly – Can you image that – Supposing Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong was dumped by his party and not allowed living in Vietnam ; Can he survives with his kills and qualification in living abroad . Remembered that The communist ideology have been long obsoleted , and been dumped into the rubbish bins ; He will face the living hardship and wondering of the streets and corners of the foreigner cities – put another ways , he will be begging to live day by days .
    If you put the ideas together , you will find that the communist party of Vietnam have been fooling us as well as insulting our people nationally .
    If the government are elected by the people living in that country, they are the legitimate and proper government – they are the truly champion and people 's choices , they will be recognized by the world leaders and leaders of many country as well as gain the respects from their own people .
    Please, see the big picture for Vietnam – Vietnam for you and I – for the future prosperity and peacefulness .
    Thanks ! 26-07-2020

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