43 thoughts on “Dubai – Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

  1. Lol i remember when i begged my dad and mom to take me there for ten days straight until they finally agreed to go there and it was the best experience ever

  2. I’m from Palestine but live in the UAE And in Palestine there isn’t a lot of waterparks..so tomorrow I’m going to the waterpark with my family..I’m exited

  3. People who think Dubai is hot: just go in the winter
    People who again want to go Dubai in summer: just go to any waterpark

  4. Where is the location of this park at dubai… U went der to dubai…. But they tourist guide didn't take us there… But we took pics near THE POINTE…, CARNIVAL STAGE, & they said palm Atlantis something palm tree island…. Some beach was there… Is that water theme park is der near what I was saying?? Isn't it?

  5. Volcano Island Orlando Fl
    A million times better, more rides more fun, and of course.. no ridiculous Islamic people

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