Dying Mall – Beaver Valley Mall in Monaca, Pa

Dying Mall – Beaver Valley Mall in Monaca, Pa. After being in this mall I literally felt my spirits and mood go downhill. The mall was sad, dark, and slowly becoming more and more empty. Who knows how it will be in a year. Sorry about the audio at the 21 to 22 minute mark. A dumb copyright claim was put on the video because of the music I just happened to be playing on the radio while I was talking over it. Stupid.

Check out my friend’s video where he was able to go into Sears right before they closed. His name is The Gear Shots and here is a link to his Sears video.

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33 thoughts on “Dying Mall – Beaver Valley Mall in Monaca, Pa

  1. awh my gosh i wanna come back already! I miss being here. I remember when i would go on a podium and sing for my family, good times. it's changed so much. I'm barely here anymore. Though it's a 13 minute drive, still. a lot of memories.

  2. This mall is still alive. Rural King is in the old Sears, U-Haul is in the old Macy's, JCP, Dick's and Boscov's are still there. Planet Fitness is open. Maybe they were still working on it when you were there. Also, there are bathrooms in each of the anchors, plus Planet Fitness if you have a membership. There are still empty stores and I doubt it will ever see the number of shoppers it used to but the mall is surviving for now. Stuff keeps popping up around the mall too including a healthcare center and offices, housing, hotels, etc. The construction of a nearby Shell cracker plant is definitely helping. This is a nice mall and close by so I hope the owners continue their efforts to keep it going.

  3. omg this mall is insane. If you have not seen it in operation I recommend you go back as ive heard they are fully restored. When I visited they were all running in early 2019 and the center fountain had a 70s orange tile

  4. that's sad bc Everything you can do online nowadays shop and everything no one wants to go out shopping anymore I really enjoy it especially around the holidays it just makes it seem more like Christmas when you can actually Go to the mall and shop instead of online

  5. There Used To Be A Circuit City Somewhere In The Beaver Valley Mall. Before It Came A Circuit City In The Mid-1990's, The Circuit City In The Mall Used To Be The General Cinema Beaver Valley Mall Cinema I & II Which It Opened From August 11th, 1971 Until Maybe September 28th, 1992 Or Maybe A Bit Later.

  6. It’s so strange how lots of people in the comments talk about their experiences here. Maybe some of us have seen each other at the mall at some point in our lives without knowing it :,)

  7. I remember going to the Clearview Mall in Butler, PA a couple years back for Christmas shopping and man that place was very dead and I heard from somewhere that mall might close at some point but I remember as a kid growing up that Mall was thriving but now it look very dead and lifeless.

  8. The “Valley Mall” at the end of the name reminds me of the very busy and striving mall down here in Raleigh, NC. It’s name is Crabtree Valley Mall! Also, speaking of North Hills, we used to have a mall called North Hills Mall down here in Raleigh, but it soon changed into an outdoor mixed-used shopping center!

  9. After my many comments I must say that you picked a bad time to come. We’ve gotten several new stores and all the fountains are working. We still have just as much business if not more

  10. There’s also a wig store in mia testerosa and Mia’s combined with head hunters and all fountains are back on ….this was very premature, they redid the fountain it wasn’t broke

  11. Did you say what I think you said?? Did you say that you would not 'walk down that dark corridor' towards the bathroom because you thought you might get 'RAPED'??

  12. I’m from center twp and that was a happening please to go my father was a superintendent over the carpenters when they built the mall

  13. Hey, Wallie! I only recently discovered your channel (thank you HH Foxaddict). Just catching up on some older episodes.

  14. It's stunning and quite disturbing that so many stores and malls have closed in the past 5 years. Also restaurants and other businesses. Many relatively new. These buildings sit vacant like ghost towns. People don't want to leave their homes to support these stores and businesses. It is a sad and depressing state of our world. Convenience is ruining everything. Going out to these places is a social gathering and that world is rapidly disappearing. That Mall is actually pretty nice overall. It would be nice if Target & Kohls would take up anchors and other stores that are doing well like Marshalls, Burlington, and places like that moved there too. There are a bunch of strip plazas and it would be good if everything just moved to one location like this Mall. That would be convenience. Stop giving Amazon and online retailers your money. Go to your local Mall and stores and keep them alive.

  15. I moved out here a year ago (from El Paso, Tx). I have to admit this is one of the most emptiest mall I've ever been to! When I first visited the mall, I was in absolute shock how there was barely anybody in the mall and how empty it felt. Kind of had an eerie feeling to it too. I still shop here because its nice being in a mall that's not too packed with people😊

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