[ENG SUB] 200723 IU – Kim Eana’s Starry Night [아이유 – 김이나의 별이 빛나는 밤에]

Only subs the part of Q&A and some parts that I think quite important.

There will be no Chinese Subs🙈🙈

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Video credit to MBC Radio

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29 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] 200723 IU – Kim Eana’s Starry Night [아이유 – 김이나의 별이 빛나는 밤에]

  1. 김이나는 너무 좋은데 되게 말 한마디에 진보성? 개방성? 확 직설적인 면이 있어서 라디오를 들을때마다 ㅜㅜ 힘드네

  2. acting out as mostly apprehensive and timid in the drama series, My Mister was very impressive !!!! coz as i watched this vlog, your real you is very much different from your acting >>>> very open, animated, and lively.. such a contrast !!!!! great job !!! btw, listening as you sang in the series was a tear-jerker…. so multi-talented…. may your journey always be successful……

  3. Thanks for the eng sub! I like how she thinks sometimes you don’t wana fall asleep coz u just like e day too much.

  4. Thanks for the translation. It is super bad news for us to hear that she is not having a concert tour this year. But under the current circumstances, it is a very wise choice. We just hope that she will gift us with a live album soon.

  5. Eana is right, IU's voice doesn't change at all in 10 years and she already become samdasool's star even then…

  6. despite that iu is superstar in korea she is still humble and very down to earth.. thats why many people adore and love her to much and im one of them.. love you iu😘

  7. Write a song with Jin Goo while he play his piano and you hold your guitar you will create a Melody of Love. More time together. You will be happy .

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