[ENG SUB] Run BTS! 2020 – EP.124 (Full Episode) ll Producer Special


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45 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] Run BTS! 2020 – EP.124 (Full Episode) ll Producer Special

  1. Que mal educado tanto amor y te pones al lado de jimin y sigues tratándolo lo mismo pasando del le das la la espalda y te pones al lado de tu hermano j.hoop ,yo te mandaba a la gran mierda quién te crees que eres lo tienes de madera ,y tú soquete jimin pagale con la misma moneda no seas tonto

  2. Or they can compete against Seventeen vs BTS. Ten on one team and ten on the other. And they will mix up each other

  3. Please ARMY go see the video directly on Vlive too! There's eng subs and much more.
    It's so sad to see the number of views and hearts decreasing in the original video

  4. 💜V looks so quite in past few Run episodes…really worried about him😨😰..🐯Taehyung we love you 💜😘 please don't worry about things too much 💜

  5. I like V ideas going to public and disguise, huhuhu no cameraman followed it would be great and asking people or buying some things, and huhuhu if I'm a korean I will go to the public if ever I would see one of them hehehe,

  6. I liked V's idea of them learning orchestral instruments.that would ve different for them to learn violent, flute, trumpet, or cello , etc.

  7. I would have love to see them tackle figure skating! They were worried about RM (understable since he's usually the clumsiest) but he is already good a ice skating! Maybe one day who knows….

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