36 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] Run BTS – EP.110 Full with Subtitle

  1. Jin with blue 🤤🤤🤩🤩💜💜💜💜💜..deabak……..purple you…Indian army….

  2. Who in their right mind allowed BTS to have free reign of a Hyundai facility- I mean next episode it’ll be all men for himself and you know that’s going to be chaos

  3. Ok but serious question though how the fuck does someone look so good blowing a tissue? Jungkook dude can you chill???

  4. Tae literally nodds and jungkook shows a sad face when others guess the answer wrong and they call it telepathy 😂😂

  5. Ha ha jin was so so funny!! We survived game by telepathy, iff we dnt recognize picture by drawing than we will answer well through telepathy!! Ha ha

  6. Where are the bon voyage episodes I saw them earlier but now they aren't there. Where to find them. Could you please help

  7. Jungkook: blowing the tissue perfectly while all of them was struggling
    me: this boy is really good at everything, why am I not even surprised LOL

  8. At this point..I am so happy that we bought a Hyundai car ..🤧🤧..( I bought it before I became army ..so I guess fate made it that way.💜💜)

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