English Grade 5 Unit 8 Review

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English Lesson list:
Lesson 1 I can do, and school words

Lesson 2 Creation and Introduction in English

Lesson 3 Adam and Eve, Emotions

Lesson 4 Sin, Family members

Lesson 5 Noah Part 1

Lesson 6 Noah Part 2

Lesson 7 Noah Part 3

Lesson 8 Tower of Babel

Lesson 9 Abraham Part 1

Lesson 10 Abraham Part 2

Lesson 11 Jacob’s Ladder

Lesson 12 Jacob and Esau

Lesson 13 Joseph’s Coat

Lesson 14 Baby Moses

Lesson 15 Moses and the Burning Bush

Lesson 16 Moses, Pharoah, and the plague

Lesson 17 Passover

Lesson 18 The Read Sea
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Story Telling from the Lesson
Playlist of Story Telling

Public School Program
English grade 4
Teaches by Teacher Sotheany

English Grade 5
Teaches by Teacher Savdy

English grade 6
Teaches by Teacher Vichheka

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