45 thoughts on “Eun Hyuk & Eun Yu | Sweet Home

  1. okay, so some of you guys are asking me to do one on eunyu and hyunsu, but i don't have any song in my mind..so can y'all suggest me songs that will suit them?🥺💜

  2. the scene at the last episode really breaking my heart.. I always said that girl will regret if she loses his brother.. she never called him oppa tho, I always wait her to do so.. and it did happened 😭 and the way his brother kept showing that he's okay and strong while hiding that he's infected too.. my heartttt 💔💔💔

  3. When she called him 'oppa' (as an older brother) instead of her usual 'eun hyuk' i started bawling 😭😭😭 i knew he won't survive since I've read the webtoon but somehow this hurts more

  4. She cry out for him in the end calling him Oppa break my heart💔. Hope he find his way back to her even if she get taking by the military.

  5. Daebak they would have a upcoming drama as a lead couple 😊 from siblings to lovers hehehe .I think they also have chemistry as couple 💗

    I know they are not real sibling in Sweet home tho:-) but they treat each other as bro and sis you know 💗 And guys dont over reacting they are not even real siblings in real life haha they are just an Actors…. So whats the matter huh?

  6. If my dude does not comeback in season 2 and reunite with Eun yu i will throw my phone out the window.

    He had a nose bleed at the end of Season 1, so he must comeback right? I need more sibling BONDING TIME BETWEEN THESE TWO.

  7. Hyuk is smart, practical, caring, calm, patient, and more. I feel that he wasn’t appreciated enough by everyone in the story.

    He lowkey protected his neighbors from the tongue monster at the beginning, gave up his education for his sister’s success, led the group out of danger and trouble in numerous occasions, and even saved someone’s (not naming them bc spoilers) life by performing surgery.

    This boi deserves a gold star.

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