28 thoughts on “Excel Basics 17: Style Formatting: By Hand, Cell, Table & Conditional Formatting

  1. Sir i also applied accounting formatting but it -429.30 change to
    – 429.30 () doesn't applied it showed – space. 429.30

  2. OK. You really nailed with the doble click function on the Format painter at 6:24. Sorry if it is a simple thing but I have missed a lot of time.

    Again. Thanks.

  3. Thanks, sir for the great video. The level of patience you show while teaching the concepts in depth is something not everyone shows. Also, your playlists are far better than the courses available in coursera etc…

  4. Yeah! Another down! Awesome vid as always.

    Looks like I'm getting close to finishing Excel Basics…starting to eye the Advanced Excel playlist and vids on Power Query.

    Two things in this video that I got really stoked about: #1: Format painter (huge time saver. Wow!) #2: Command "Alt+Enter" (THIS ONE! WOW! So simple, but trying to add text brakes in the past without knowing this was a headache! I had a few invoices I created for some people (small home repairs and some larger carpentry projects). I would resort to Text Wrapping, then adjusting the column size to get my text to look the way I wanted it. THIS is WAY easier. Ha! Love it! Thanks, man!

  5. Hi, Sir thanks for your video. I just have a quick question. My accounting number format does not work on the negative number as it still showing like the currency style when I format it to accounting number formatting. Any solution for that?

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