First Time @ Adidas & Puma Outlet In Such A Long Time!! Adidas Outlet Orange & Puma Got Steals..

Nike Outlets have been extra mediocre so I had to check out these shops to see what was going on with these bad boys. The Adidas Outlet did have some dope deals with 40% Off most things. Puma Outlet wasn’t bad with there being a bunch of things for 50% off. Hope yall enjoy the video!

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Adidas Outlet & Puma Outlet Orange
20 City Blvd W Suite
Orange, CA 92868

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19 thoughts on “First Time @ Adidas & Puma Outlet In Such A Long Time!! Adidas Outlet Orange & Puma Got Steals..

  1. Amazing video, I been to that specific Adidas at the orange outlet, they always have crazy deals. A couple of years ago I went there and they had 60% off and it was extremely packed. Keep up the good work!🔥🔥🔥

  2. KU still at🍊Outlet—but now ADIDAS👟!!!!—Its nice to see UltraBoost for a change!-40% off to entice you to buy/all kinds of interesting styles and colors👀-Dope video from the long awaited ADIDAS OUTLET,-KU!!!!👏👏💥🤙

  3. Good video but them outlets especially the Adidas ones are always so dry bro even tho yeezys are dead they still rare to find like them tbh

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